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A fellowship of believers striving to walk with Jesus Christ

Our primary goal at the chapel is to create a kingdom of believers, excited to follow Jesus Christ and willing to follow Him by displaying their works through service and life.

People who care about one another

The Chapel is full of  people who care about your needs, as well as the needs of the person sitting next to them. It is important to us to get to know each other and fellowship together. We have many different means of doing so, such as small groups, our Breaking of
Bread Service, our Sunday Morning service, or just hang around and often times you'll be invited over for a home cooked meal. 

A worshipful mixture of contemporary and traditional music.

We understand, music is part of the culture. Don't worry, we have some great music. Matthew Stewart, our worship leader is talented, young, and grounded. He weekly introduces new songs and keeps our worship team current and active. We haven't forgotten about the richness and depth of lyrical poetry that is found in the old hymns though. We love music and we love worshiping our king more.

Leadership devoted to the teaching and well being of the congregation. 

It's important to know that you have  a teacher who understands and believes, but more importantly walks it in their own life. Wouldn't the world be a scary place if our teachers lacked the practice of what they actually taught? The chapel firmly believes the words that are spoken on a Sunday morning, are the words by which we walk on Monday, Tuesday, and... well you get the picture. You will find our elders devoted to serving, learning, and being committed stewards of the Word of God.

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