Matthew Cross

Matthew grew up in the a wonderful winter wonderland commonly known to many as Erie, Pa. As a resident of the north western Pennsylvania community, he spent much of his time acquainted with his church, Grace Baptist of Erie. The church has since dropped the denomination of Baptist, but much of what they stood for still resides within the walls. His Christian family upbringing and the necessity for a savior in Jesus Christ drove him to become the man he currently is.


Matthew loves people. All people. Though he recognizes his imperfection in this, he still strives daily as a teacher, husband, and father to make the world a place in which the glory and righteousness of Jesus Christ are not only taught, but displayed for the world to see. As a teacher at the Bible Chapel, he hopes to continue to help move the congregation that he serves forward in a direction of longing and worship towards the triune God. If he isn't sharing the morning message, you may find him in the back "technologying." Though it ain't always pretty, its a job that needs to be done.