The Bible Chapel


When you walk in the doors of The Bible Chapel, we want you to feel welcomed. We are a body of real people who readily acknowledge we make mistakes, and mess this crazy thing called life up; regardless, we are standing by with open arms.


We offer plenty of opportunities to join us and get involved. We hope that you will consider coming to one of our gatherings. Prepare yourself for excellent worship, and gear up for a challenging, real, immersive message.

Whats our story? Everybody has one, right? The Waynesburg Bible Chapel's is buried in our foundation. No, not the brick and mortar that holds up the building, but the fabric that made and designed each one of us. Our story is rooted in the standardized truth given to mankind by a loving God who wants to share his message of hope and truth with all of us.


We started as group of people who wanted to get scripture right, not take things out of context, or rewrite our own ideas of what the text says. A small group of us met in a house. Apparently, more people shared this idea that the bible was a literal, living, breathing document that could reach into our daily lives and speak to us where each individual resides. Our small group began to grow out of a living room and into a building.

Since those days long ago, we have grown and matured a bit. We bought some more chairs, we scooped up some sound equipment, and we decided to expand our vision to where the Lord was leading. 

Today we are actively involved not only in Waynesburg, PA, but also all around the world. We are actively seeking the Lord's call all throughout the globe, and where we are called, we go. That's why we also began our own nonprofit mission organization called Hands and Feet Ministries. We desire to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. 




Come join us for an incredible night 

of celebrating the reason for this season.

Come to the Waynesburg Bible Chapel

for its 2nd annual Christmas concert

with our very own

Soldiers & Sons

1 December 2019



Sunday Morning Communion


We admit this one is unique. This service is a celebration of our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We gather in the Fellowship hall to partake in a communion and share together the goodness of what our mighty savior has done for us through His written word. This time is characterized by singing and reflections from scripture. 

Sunday Morning Worship


This service is dedicated to worship through contemporary music and a message by a church leader. We open with announcements and prayer requests. We pray as a congregation. 

Oftentimes, it is an opportunity to share the work of Christ on the mission field in and out of country. 


Have a prayer request or praise? Need a ride to church? Join a Bible Study? 


Waynesburg Bible Chapel

800 E Greene St, Waynesburg, PA 15370